With Hope Zvara

Heel Squat is a great wake up morning move, or a pre-run, yoga, TRX or get your day going release. This simple exercise focuses on the plantar tendon, Achilles tendon, calves and hamstrings; basically the entire back of the legs (great for calf cramps, plantar fasciitis, tight lower back) .

1.      Squat down as far as you comfortably can (if necessary place your hands on a chair at a distance in front of you).

2.      Allow your body weight to sit back towards your heels, but do not sit your heels to the ground, think of them hanging off a curb.

3.      Slight contraction in pelvic floor and abdomen and finally reach your arms as far forward and down in front as you can. Remember that your arms are an extension of your back body, so get a stretching!

4.      Relax your glutes and let your sit bones sink down into your stretching pants.

5.      Hold here for five breaths.

6.      Now work in repetition, Inhale lengthen the legs, and exhale back into heel squat. Speed is not the goal but rather release. If you have tighter hamstrings please do not fully straighten the legs, give your body time to release, your lower back will thank you.

7.      Repeat this series 10-15 times.

8.      Now go out and get moving.!

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