Great Guns Hun! One Armed Side Push Up- Ready Set Shoot!

You don’t need a fancy $1,000 machine to get great arms, shoulders and a killer core. I encourage all my students that before they try to use an external source of weight they should be able to use their own. My goal for my students is to help them (and teachers) to discover how to really truly discover their bodies and all the amazing things this hub we call the body can do for us.

How To:

  1. Start by lining up your left side of your body to lay in line the with the back edge of your mat, heels, hips and bottom elbow. Gently draw your knees forward out of the line you created. If your hip is tender add a towel under it to cushion the femur (thigh bone).
  2. Press the right hand into the floor in front of you, fingers pointing the same direction of the crown of your head and now grab hold of your right shoulder with the left hand. If you are larger set or have a larger bust just lay your left hand across your chest or stomach.
  3. Keeping your legs anchored and chest open, relax your neck and take a breath.
  4. On the next INHALE, bend the support elbow (right) and lower your torso to the floor, try to avoid resting on the floor and try to abstain from curling forward with the top half of your body. Let the base elbow point towards the feet and keep the hand spread evenly on the floor.
  5. Exhale, brace your belly and lift the pelvic floor to help aid in the lifting of your body back to the starting side-lying position.
  6. Notice if your legs kick up when lifting and lowering, if so do not go as far. If you notice that you excessively round the upper shoulder forward when pushing up you are using too much chest and bicep and not enough core and triceps.
  7. Repeat this exercise 3-7 times on each side. Go back and repeat the weaker side a second time.
  8. Also try practicing this killer move against the wall for more awareness.

One Armed Side Push Up with hope zvara


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