Embracing the shift!

It seems that as years pass the need to step up in life, grow big or go home and to step out of fear and own your truth is becoming more and more apparent. At least to me I am constantly in conundrum in the game of life. Life kind of is just one big puzzle in a sense, not necessarily for us to “figure out” but rather for us to learn to be less fearful part of.

A few weeks ago I asked myself: “Hope, what is it that you really want is?” (Even though I clearly know). Then how are you going to get there? Well, week’s passed, and I then, in a fink, spoke with a friend and she asked me “Hope what is brining you opportunity and happiness and what is dragging you down?” Taking a moment to stop my worked up tears I spoke up to her and in an instant without hesitation she replied “Hope it’s a no brainer”. At some point we must stop spinning our wheels and start to own our dreams and desire and forge on toward them, owning them like they are already in-fact in front of us.

We all know that one person in our lives that we say “wow, I wish I had the guts to do what they are doing, to speak up like him, to be bold and take a risk like her”. Yet, for many of us we allow fear to step in for many reasons: we fear we cannot do it by ourselves, we fear we will fail, we fear we will be made a fool, we fear what others think, we fear losing others approval, we fear letting others down, we fear what others changes our leap will cultivate, we fear our blood sweat and tears of the glass half full will somehow turn into the glass half empty.

Well let me tell you something, these things only happen if we, YOU let them. Now I’m right there with you on this one. At some point we must think that we are enough, and that we deserve what is waiting for us. We must believe and own that we are dam amazing, capable and are allowed to live our life however we want. Caution: each choice does have consequences and side-effects both positive and negative, but in the end a positive or negative mean nothing if you are willing and eager to take that and do something with it.

This New Year my intention for each one of you reading this is to step up and be a bit bolder, complain less, especially about the things that you cannot control and take action on the things that you can. Be kind in your words and think before you speak reflecting if what you are saying is helping or harming. Accept that life is always evolving and changing and there are way more things that we both can count that are out of our control, so in fully understanding that this year, look at the things that you are capable of changing, effecting or addressing and do so, even if it is painful, uncomfortable or forces you to take a risk. Try something new, something out of character and try to not control it so much in fear of the outcome. Work to alter the truth a little bit less, I am continually telling my staff, friends and family when they talk to me about something to please just say it like it is, and that I don’t have time for the fluff, the make it sound better bull S@#* (sorry had to say it). Really, if someone can’t handle what you have to say and it’s the truth, that is not your problem, it’s theirs.

And finally, last but not least, ask yourself, what in this life after I leave this earthly plane can I take with? (to my knowledge)……………….. That’s right NOTHING. Absolutely nothing, not a single thing! Remember that when you are trying to prioritize your life, your actions, your family, friends and belongings. Because how you dress on the outside will not bring you happiness and closer to God, your Creator, Higher Consciousness, Creation (whatever, it’s just a word, we attach to anyway), but what is on the inside that brings you happiness, how you express that joy, love and happiness, who you share it with and how you share it.

Be well in 2014.


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