I hope you all have enjoyed your summer fun and are transitioning back to a regular pattern now that it’s September.
When summer slowly comes to an end it really pulls at my heart strings, my kids are going back to school which is always a hard transition for me and one that I will continue to work to find balance with, but also mentally I know that this amazing sun (that we saw some of the time this summer) will soon be absent for many many weeks.
I have asked myself over the last several years-what do I need to stay balanced? Once I figured that out, I went on to ask myself-what do I need to do to allow those things to be present in my life so I stay balanced?
For starters I know I need yoga and need the outdoors, walks, my chickens, playing outside with my kids, time to read in my sauna (can you say detox) and time to write. When I have these things I find myself much more content and able to work to fill the cups of others more completely; and heck lets be honest here, I am a lot less likely to lose it over the simplest things (and I know you know what I’m talking about).
But obtaining these things in balance requires me to engage in a multitude of other things, and also asks me to step outside my comfort zone in a variety of ways. I often have to speak up when I would otherwise stay silent. I have to work to say no to some things so I can say yes to the things that I want and need. And finally I have to be realistic, I can’t have it all (right now), and in order to get where I’m are going, I absolutely must learn to work with and heck, even enjoy where I am, meaning, I must stop chasing others lives.
You see they have a new car, a nice house, a well paying job, they go on many vacations, just bought something amazing, but what you probably don’t see or forget to realize is what they did to get there; all the sacrifice, hard work, commitment, and all the no’s they had to say in order to say yes to that one thing.
I used the word balance above, because that is really what it is-balance. Such a simple word but what it requires you to do to maintain it, honesty can be a lot.
So moving forward into this amazing seasonal transition I want to help you out by letting you know that as I continue to work on balancing my life, know you are not alone, I believe it’s a life long task simply because things are always changing and we are always evolving and growing. But through all of this Copper Tree, our teachers and yours truly will work to hold a space for you. Weather you come every day, every week or only once and a while, we will be here. But like anything else, speaking from experience coming to your mat 99.9% of the time trumps not coming, because when you fill your cup, and stop to simply take a breath you are better able to help fill the cups of others and begin again to see life from clear eyes.
Coming back to your mat, I welcome you fully!

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