Greetings to all my yogi friends!

I always need to be in the right frame of mind when I write each monthly newsletter, and sometimes it takes me longer that others to “feel” what needs to be said, or what I would like to share at that time. Currently in my life I have been poised with much change and transition, something that the old me would have had a panic attach over the person I am now handles it much differently, especially in the last several months.

This current transitional state has allowed me to stay on my toes and not get comfortable, a state we often strive to attain, but my practice has taught me that “comfort” is cloud, a lack of clarity that we are in fact stuck again, repeating the same old patterns, just in a different color. So I ask you, where are you comfortable right now in life. Where are you just sitting around on easy street?

Now don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with a little TLC, a little comfort, but when it inhibits us from striving for our goals and becoming the best authentic version of ourselves, then, I see it as something that needs to be addressed.

Ever wonder why things in your life aren’t working out, why everything seems so difficult? Ever consider that maybe your words do not match your actions? That what you say you want are in fact only words and not acted out in real everyday life? Or maybe it’s all caught in your head swimming like a fish unable to be set free through right words and action?

I have gained great observation skills from my yoga practice and as being a teacher, and one thing I have observed is the need to explain ourselves, the excuses we have and the need for approval for our actions. Like somewhere along in the way into our adult lives, we have been taught that the choices we make need another’s stamp for approval in order for them to be good or right. Nevertheless, the interesting thing I have come to notice is we either  need these approvals, or we have these little white lies, excuses and explanations when we do not in-fact trust that the choices we made were the best ones.

Take a moment and reflect on the past day so far, what have you spoken of truth and honesty? What have you taught but not spoken at all, have your actions matched your intentions? If not, then why? What’s the problem? And the old me would blame, blame, blame everyone and anyone under  the sun, my parents, my partner, my friends, the weather, the community whatever was within reach, but the hard truth is most of what we need to change, accept, alter, forgive is usually within ourselves. We don’t trust because we lie, cheat and steal, not just things but others time, affection, trust. We struggle to forgive often because we have not been willing to accept forgiveness ourselves or have not yet forgiven ourselves. We struggle to love, be faithful or honesty because somewhere inside we have not yet done that to ourselves.

Don’t agree, that is just fine, but know this, we reject that which we cannot accept, we deny that which is most in need, and we get angered when we have in fact somewhere been hurt or mistreated or misunderstood.

So I want to ask you again, what are you pretending doesn’t need attention in your life, what is angering you or are you lying to yourself and others about, and what would happen if you brought a bit more rawness to your life, a bit more honesty, a bit more compassion, a bit more forgiveness and understanding?

So just for today, pick a few of these to work on each day and see what happens:

1.       Wake up in a good mood, even if you are normally a cranky morning person (then maybe you need to go to bed earlier) smile right away and thank God or the Universe for all the gifts you have been given.

2.       Take each moment as it comes, do not think too far ahead and just take things in this day as they come, knowing that it is only an allusion that you can control much of anything other than your actions and reactions.

3.       Be yourself, have you been hiding behind others, not speaking up; let your voice be heard in a non-harming way?

4.       No more lies, for just one day, or at least a few moments of your day, stop the show, the stories, the lies, the excuses, the ego boosting and just be as you are, what is the worst that could happen, people see the real you?

5.       Take responsibility for your life in this moment. Have stuff hanging over your head? Well only you can change that, how are you spending your time, could it be spent better?

6.       Listen more talk less, we all have a story and maybe today it’s not your turn to tell it, but rather to just listen. When is the last time you just listened without any personal motives?

7.       Stop reacting and start acting, do people keep telling you the same things over and over? Well maybe it’s telling you something.

8.       Not like what you see in others, check in to see if it’s really a mirror for yourself? And if it is, you know what to do.

9.       Finally, reclaim yourself as a person of power for your life, speak highly of yourself and stop wasting so much time on things, people and situations that truly bring no value to your being. Now sure we all have thing we have to do in life but at least see the why and do it with a smile.

Remember we all have to start somewhere and it first starts with awareness!

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