Much of what we do during the day unfortunately has us forward rounding and hinging at our hips to a stagnant 90 degree angle for periods of time that would cripple anyone or anything with long term pain and frozen like symptoms.


Opening up the front body is not only helpful, I believe it’s essential for more balanced living. I often question my students as to how many times they extend during the day. How many times they reach up, arch back or just plain ole open up from their hobbit like position? Sadly the numbers I hear in response are very low with a stiff raise of hands.

All that dreaded sitting we all do (and you know you do) leaves us feeling stuck, stiff and cramped. And to undo that sitting we claim to more tightening movements like running, stair steppers and treadmills that leave our ankles, quads and hip flexors tight and locked down.

Opening up the body is essential and part of feeling more balanced. Half Camel (I’m sure you call it something else fancy, but today it’s Half Camel) is a love hate pose that digs deep into the front line of the body to help open up that perfected 90 degree angle in the hips you work on so diligently each day.

I want to encourage you to join me every day for this coming week with Half Camel and notice the change in your body and how you feel. Notice the asymmetry happening and how that evens it way out in just a week. Really want to test your openness, import this amazing stretch for one month, and better yet add 2:1 ratio (tighter side : open side) and reap the amazing benefits of feeling free in your own skin.

Join me in a guided, step by step, detailed video for a no excuses practice and the BEST quad and hip flexor stretch!

Ready, set go!



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