Today marks 15 years since the attacks that are now known as 9/11 took place.

Fifteen years ago today I was sitting in my 12th grade World Cultures class were we were all glued to the T.V. That day the entire school was silent, you could of heard a pin drop; all classes that day took a drastic shift in content to witness something until that day we had only talked about in history class.

The United States was under attack.

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No one spoke in the classrooms that day, there were few roaming the halls and no one questioning yesterday’s homework.

That day time stopped.

If you take a moment right now if you are old enough to remember, where were you 15 years ago today? What were you doing? Who were you with? What do you remember?

But today, fifteen years is a long time, a long time to simply allow yourself to just go back to your regular everyday life, a long enough time for you to simply just go on living.

But today-today as a nation we must all take a moment, just one moment (at least) and stop and remember. That horrific day in the land of the free and the home of the brave our freedom was violated. Our freedom truly came at a cost.

That day fifteen years ago took the lives of 2,977 and nearly injured 6,000 others. And although those who have died are now I believe in heaven, the families of those people who both lost their lives innocently, and those who risked and lost their lives to save those that day those people are the ones who need prayers today.

We can all so easily get caught up on our own busy lives, our own to-do lists, our own work; but that’s just it-we are alive to do that, fifteen years ago today 2,977 people lost that ability to do so.

Check out some of the images from 9/11 here

Today is a day to remember, today is a day to take a moment of silence and remember, pray, offer up thanks for the great life you have and the lives that were lost.

Today is a day to love, to put hate aside and love, love your family, love your neighbor. Fifteen years later it’s not about hating the people who attacked us that day, but rather love the people who sacrificed their lives that day, love those around you, love those who have no love to give.

Today take a moment of silence and offer gratitude, love, and thanks for all those who didn’t even take a moment to question sacrificing their life for all of us that day.

It’s days like this that I am brought to my knees that I am still worthy of life here on earth, that I still get to wake up every single day and go out and do something great.

So today I will take a moment of silence, today I will remember,  today I will love, today I will remember that freedom does not come free, and 9/11 was a reminder of just that.

Thank you to all those who risk their lives each and every day to serve, protect and aid all those that live in this great country.

Our country at this very moment may be in questioning times, but it’s people, the people this country is founded on and for, are not.

To all you-the people, please take a moment of silence today and remember, offer a prayer, send love, and thank God for the life you have, and make sure you live it to the fullest.

To all those who died on 9/11, to all those who are still living and had been affected-today, I will pray for you, I will offer a moment of silence for you, I will spread the love not the hate.

God Bless America!

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