5 Ways to Boost Self-Confidence

5 Ways to Boost Self-Confidence

5 Ways to boost self-confidence.

On April 6th I get to celebrate 35 years of life, love and walking down this path we call life!

Why be shy about it? 
Why hide it?
Why down play this celebration of life?
Why not shine like the bright star you are?

This was not always my style of thinking. I use to be uncomfortable with the thought of shining too bright. I use to worry others would notice me and because I would be noticed, others would judge me.

That people would criticize me, and because they didn’t know my whole story…get the wrong idea that yes, I am a recovering addict. But I am successfully in recovery (well always working on myself). Except, even though I clawed my way into recovery, I still lacked the self-confidence to let my light shine bright. 

In 35 years I have learned a lot. 
In 35 years I have slowly come to a place were I am OK with who I am. 
And more importantly, I am less concerned with what others think. 

Let me explain. 
My entire life I have been WAY TO FOCUSED on what others think of me, my choices and life, and as a result my self-confidence was zilch. 

I would run myself into the ground trying to please others and often time end up depleted, frustrated, and rundown. 

It wasn’t until a few years ago that I truly began to understand this is no way to live and no way to get ahead in life and as only killing my self-confidence at every pass. And it was around that time which I realized this entire approach to life was a learned behavior that I could in fact… unlearn.

To say that the process of breaking such a habit would be as easy, would be a lie. 

Slowly, taking one situation at a time I have grown to a place where I am more confident, where my self-confidence shines more each day. I care about others, respect others, but no longer am willing to sacrifice my happiness and or my desire to walk the path my Creator has set for me simply on the fear others may not be happy. 

I struggled with this because I would get wrapped up in my thoughts thinking that this was selfish, rude, and un-yogic like. 

But it was yoga which taught me caring for myself and living my life in the best light I can, the way I feel I am called to do is how you can best care for others.

Here are five things that come to mind when I reflect on my own self-confidence and what helped me cultivate it.

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5 Ways to Boost Self-Confidence:

  1. Learn to be Uncomfortable. First on the yoga mat with poses, then in life with people. Just sitting with emotions, breathing, and letting things pass.
  2. Use Your Voice. First through teaching, sharing my point of view with the understanding that others may not agree. Then in life, at first little things, and when someone would disagree, letting that conversation be, and not recanting myself to appease the other person.
  3. Began to Ask Yourself What Feels Good to Me. Not one thing is going to be 100% right for everyone. No diet, no exercise, not even yoga. And knowing that is OK, there is no need to convince someone of your practice or lifestyle.
  4. Get Quiet to Get Loud. Not yelling, but to use my voice with confidence I first needed to get real quiet and listen, feel, and process. As someone who would often shoot from the hip in life. This has served me well.
  5. Realize and Fully Understand That Not Everyone in Life Will like You, and That is OK. I know some of you will feel the need to email me and tell me “I like you”. And I appreciate that, but it’s not necessary. I have found great strength in others not liking me, not agreeing with me, or flat out rejecting me. It has been one of my best muscle builders to help my light shine bright.

So today, let your light shine bright. Let it beam with self-confidence. Don’t worry a thing about whose eyes may not like it. Shine baby, shine and let your self confidence burn bright!

From my heart to yours,


How To Build Confidence In A Business Environment

Personal confidence in a business environment is at an all time low. A lot of people entering the workforce right now feel like they don’t belong, and struggle to find their voice within the workplace. Afraid of making a mistake and looking ‘silly’, it’s easier to just get on with your job and ignore the chance to innovate. 

But from a career standpoint, this is no way to work! You deserve to chase after your ambitions and make the workplace work for you. So, here are some great ways to build confidence in a business environment. 













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Do Your Research

If you want to walk into a meeting and impress everyone in there, you’re not going to be able to do so without a hardy bit of research! You need to know what you’re talking about, what issues are going to be on the table, and how best to approach someone else’s idea with a supplementary one of your own.

Talk to your colleagues to see what they think, then develop your own ideas by going through the meeting’s purpose systematically. What’s going on? Is it causing a problem? And what’s likely to fix that? 

Pay it Forward

Compliments might seem like they have no place in a working environment, but that couldn’t be more false. Compliments let people know that you’re a good person to work with. You see and appreciate another’s hard work, and you’re willing to let someone else have the spotlight when they deserve it. So, if you’re sick of things like office politics and jealousy ruling the career sign, be happy for someone! Pay it forward and it’ll soon be coming back to you in droves. You might even make some friends at work, which is never a bad thing. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Smile

Smiling in the workplace makes you approachable. It helps you to socialize with your coworkers and can create a sense of goodwill when you’re in an uncertain situation. But if you feel insecure about your smile, think about investing in a retainer to protect your teeth, or use teeth whitening at home. But a truly meant and freely given smile will always come across as lovely and genuine, and people will respect you for it. Start smiling away! 

Dress the Part

This might be something you always feel self conscious about. When you’re not dressed the part, you don’t feel like you belong. However, when you do try to dress the part, you might feel like a child in an adult’s clothing! So you’ve got to try and strike a balance between these two fine lines. You need to look like yourself, but you also need to look professional, and like you’re the best representative for the company you’re working for. 

If you want to build your confidence at work, use tips like these to start. The more you feel like you belong, and like a mistake won’t end your career, the easier the job will be! 

Take Back Charge Of Your Self-Esteem

Take Back Charge Of Your Self-Esteem

What is your relationship with yourself? 

It may seem like an odd question as most people focus on their relationships with their loved ones or friends. Yet, believe it or not, according to expert therapists, our relationship with ourselves is disintegrating at an alarming rate. Self-esteem issues are more and more frequent, with approximately 85% of people worldwide struggling with low self-confidence. In other words, the relationship you have with yourself is likely to be wrong, according to statistics. 


Why don’t we love ourselves more? According to Baumeister, our concept of self is our understanding of our personal attributes. The better we understand ourselves, the more likely our self-confidence and sense of self-worth will remain intact. 


Unfortunately, self-confidence develops in young age, during childhood and adolescence. Therefore, your interactions with your parents and social circle at that age will impact your perception of yourself and, in turn, your self-confidence. Children who receive recognition for their mistakes and achievements are likely to develop into confident adults with healthy self-esteem. On the other hand, if parents expect their child to achieve an impossible level of perfection and are fast to criticize any mistakes, the child is prone to feel inadequate, not good enough, and not worthy of self-love. 


If you’ve grown up in a situation where you have received unfair criticism, you probably find it tough to make peace with some of your personal attributes. But it is never too late for a wake-up call. Learning to love yourself starts today. 

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Recover from criticism about your physical appearance

Have you grown up being the chubby kid or the one with the uneven smile? Being at the receiving end of hurtful jokes, even from friends and family, can make it hard to make peace with your appearance. So, finding an objective interlocutor to discuss your worries is essential. I was that kid that others joked about, and it hurt. In middle school, I tried to laugh it off like it was no big deal, but in truth, it was, and it impacted me for years afterward. 


Indeed, if you have experienced people making fun of you for some of your physical features, it can be tough to see the real you behind the painful comments. For example, someone who might have been on the heavy side during their school years may still see the image of their old overweight self in the mirror, even though they have long lost all the excess weight. So, the first step in healing your self-esteem is to find someone who will be honest with you and help you. Reaching out to a specialist, such as asking a dentist about your smile, is the surest way to hear an objective answer. More importantly, a specialist can also help you understand your options if you wish to improve features you are uncomfortable with. For example, a dentist could recommend using composite bonding to cover chipped teeth.  Or perhaps finding help with getting fit and losing weight from Thetribestm.com is the best option for you. Think about what will help most and make a move in that direction. Making peace with your appearance doesn’t necessarily mean accepting traits you are unhappy about. Things can be changed, and transformations have proven instrumental in re-learning self-love. 


Your Health Is The Key To Your Confidence

Your Health Is The Key To Your Confidence

Your health is the key to your confidence. If you are looking after your health in the best possible way, you will feel at your best. Many people don’t understand this, which is why they are currently not leading a healthy lifestyle or feeling confident in themselves. In this article, we’re going to be looking at how you can take care of your health, enhancing your confidence in the process. We wish you the very best of luck.

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The first thing that you will need to do is to ensure that you are completing a good amount of exercise. The last thing that you want is to be a couch potato. There is nothing worse, and your muscles are only going to weaken over time. Eventually, you’re not going to be able to use them in the way you once were, and you may even need physiotherapy to get back some of the function in them. So today, get up and get moving, who cares how, you will be so glad you did.


You don’t have to head out and join a gym at this point, but you can go for walks, go swimming, practice yoga start running, or join a gym if you want to. You have plenty of options for how you can get your exercise, so don’t feel as though there is only one way to do this.




You should also be thinking about the food that you are consuming. Not just what you are eating, but how much of it you are eating. You need to understand that even if you are eating healthy food, too much of it is bad for you. That’s why you shouldn’t sit there and eat three or four apples at a time (that’s craziness, and more does not equal better). You should only be eating the right amount for yourself, learn to listen to your body, ensuring that you get all the vitamins and nutrients you need. 


If you’re not sure how to cook well for healthy food, there are plenty of recipes online that will help you out here. Don’t let not knowing get in the way of you eating healthy. Start simple, and start small. 


Extra Help


Finally, you might need a little extra help depending on what will help with your confidence. If it is weight loss, then you may want to consider surgery in the form of gastric lap band surgery. This helps you lose weight, and when you are all healed, you’re going to feel like a new person. If you need extra help with some other area of your health, then you might want to speak to a personal trainer.


We hope you have found this article helpful and now see some of the things you can do to get your confidence back. A lot of people don’t understand that their health is the key to their confidence, and that is what they need to work on. When this happens, all kinds of areas are going to be improved. Your confidence is one of them. We wish you the very best of luck and hope that you will take this advice. 

SMILE! Life is sweet: What do you love about yourself?

SMILE. Today is going to be an amazing day!! Your alive and breathing!

It is easy to feel that life is just not on your side, but know that how the world feels has a lot to do with how you look at it.

For so many years I hated myself, I did not like who I was, I had very little self-confidence and very little self-esteem, despite the confidence I projected.

It is O.K. to love yourself and show it, to love yourself and tell the world! Hiding underneath your pillow because you don’t feel like you match up to the rest is sad and totally unnecessary!

Today is a new day! Today is a great day!

Today you have a lot to smile about!

In order to offer authentic love out to the world loving yourself and heck even just starting out by just liking yourself without the need for others approval is essential for life to become even sweeter!

So today I want to invite you to name (list) at least 5 great things about yourself. AND post a fun-loving selfie!!

Love Yourself! xx

Love Yourself! xx

Feel like you can’t do it-I want you to move through the discomfort and do it anyway. I struggled for years not sharing myself fully because I cared too much what others thought of me.

Never feel bad about loving who you are!…

So here are my five things I love about myself (there are more, but here is 5)!

1. I’m super funny
2. I have a load of inspiration to share
3. I think outside the box
4. I’ve learned from my mistakes
5. I see life as a journey and one worth giving your all in!!

What about you??

Leave a comment below with your selfie and the five things you love about yourself. Is your mind saying “no”? Move through the discomfort and put yourself out there!

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