Do you want to live a MindBodyGreen-style pregnancy?
Here are six great tips to get you started:

1. Think and talk about your little life inside in a welcoming way. The bond between mother and baby starts from the moment of conception and the relationship between you and your little one has already begun formulation when the birth into the world happens. I teach prenatal yoga and have two of my own children, and I really believe that the mother’s relationship with her baby starts from the moment of conception. Your thoughts are their thoughts; your words are their words. So watch what you say because they are listening. Let that little life inside know they are loved daily, that you can’t wait to meet them, and that they will be loved. All pregnancies are different and some have to make the hard decision to give the baby up for adoption; regardless, that little life still disserves the right to feel welcomed and nurtured. Why should it be any different from what I tell my non-mommy-to-be yogis that “what you say is what becomes your reality”, and what you say becomes your baby’s reality.

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