I love yoga for so many reason…

And when I tell people that yoga found me I mean it! I never really even gave yoga much thought until a co-worker of mine suggested I try it at the comment I look like someone who would enjoy it.

I did and it’s been 15 years and I haven’t looked back since!

I love ‪#‎YOGA‬ for so many reasons!

Here are 50 ways yoga has helped me.

The yoga I know taught me:

  1. How to love my body
  2. How to practice self-care
  3. How to let go
  4. How to appreciate the little things
  5. How to slow down
  6. How to feel more and think less
  7. How to truly help others
  8. How to breathe
  9. How to create balance with in and without
  10. How to trust
  11. How to curb judgment
  12. How to self-reflection
  13. How to stay in the moment
  14. How to truly help others
  15. How to step fully into recovery
  16. How to listen to my body
  17. How to let others walk their own path, and me mine
  18. How to sleep better
  19. How to manage my emotions more
  20. How to create boundaries
  21. How to enforce boundaries
  22. How to forgive
  23. How to learn from my mistakes
  24. How to see the difference between ego and soul
  25. How to better connect with my Creator
  26. How to truly love me
  27. How to truly love another
  28. How to be a better mother
  29. How to step outside my comfort zone
  30. How to take a risk
  31. How to find a balance
  32. How to be OK with failure
  33. How to turn failure into success
  34. How to motivate
  35. How to eat healthily
  36. How to meditate
  37. How to better pray
  38. How to connect with nature
  39. How to be accountable for my actions
  40. How to stop the blame game
  41. How to see things as they actually are
  42. How to put myself out there
  43. How to move slow and steady
  44. How to be willing to learn from everyone
  45. How to stop and smell the roses
  46. How to move from failure to freedom
  47. How to take a break
  48. How to look in the mirror and like what I see
  49. How to trust I am always getting exactly what I need
  50. How to live the best life possible one day at a time….

For all this and more… The yoga I KNOW asks me to show up EVERY FLIPPEN DAY…

And to all those who want to show up alongside me—- let’s do this!!

Wondering about yoga?

Not sure if it’s really for you?

Have you tried yoga and thought: “I can’t do this: it’s too fast, slow, confusing….”

If you said yes to the above, I get you, I felt that same way. The yoga I know assess the actual person on the mat, teaches people how to move, not just poses to people. The yoga I know asks us to slow down and learn how to breathe, the yoga I know reminds us we are human and although impressive it is to stand on your hands or head is not necessary to achieve greatness or happiness on any level.

I would love to practice alongside you, even teach you yoga in an intimate class setting.

My next personal growth transformation program & teacher training is coming up this October…

And this will be my LAST LIVE IN PERSON 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Approved Yoga Teacher Training. So if you are thinking you want to dive into yoga a bit more with me-here is your last chance!

So above I gave you 50 ways yoga has helped me, and here is one more…

51. Yoga has taught me to inspire others, to share what I know both on the mat and off the mat.

HOPE Yoga Teacher Training


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