I gain a lot of my much needed clarity when I go for a walk each day and get on my mat. No phone, just me and my breath so that I can better hear my own inner truth and allow myself to sift out both the voices of others as well as the voices in my head.
Where do you go? What do you do to clear yourself? Many say they simply have no time to do this type of thing and then in the furry of “not having time” they will spite others or hang it over their heads telling them they have not time to do the things they want: stretch, or relax or exercise, read, take a breath. But I have to be honest, a wise friend told me one time that no one will truly give you what you want or even need- you have to take it. And I have come to realize that she was totally right!
Taking time is not out of spite or anger (well it hopefully shouldn’t be) where you are ripping another life or schedule apart, but rather you “take it” by requesting it from your spouse, boss, parents, whoever you need to. Taking time will I 100% promise you- give you more time. More time to do all those things you need to do, all those things you want to do and more, not to mention decrease the crabby, irritable, restless emotions and actions and help you get back to the person you know you are and surely can be. 
I share this with you all because the older I get and as my family grows and and every other aspect of myself grows, the need for balance is essential, the need for me to recharge my batteries is essential. That clarity that I (and you) can gain from just an hour or even just a few true minutes can make a significant difference. 
Is where you are truly where you want to be right now? What stands between you and your goals, your dreams, a more calm you and enjoyable life? Well I can answer that-you! You are the person who is saying yes or no to all that is in front of you- right this very second. You woke up this morning and chose to get out of bed and eat breakfast or not, brush your teeth or not, go to work or not, say I love you to your spouse or kids before you left-or not. One of the many things my yoga practice has shown and taught me over the years is that if you want to get something out of your yoga practice you have to choose to. Have a free night, but it’s not the class or teacher you usually go to-well you have a choice, stay home and mope, or get up and go and choose to have a great practice. The mind will most likely try to pick it apart to help you not enjoy yourself, but if you check your crap at the door you will surely leave feeling better then when you came. 
In the last year or so I have decided I will not be the one in my way, and with a little more effort, and a bit more follow through, I have taken back much of my time. And in doing this, I have then, unintentionally, requested those around me to become more accountable for their lives and choices or lack there of. It truly is a trickle effect, when I don’t follow my gut and say or do what I know is right then I inhibit those around me from seeking their potential and having to do what they need to do as well. 
So I want to welcome you to step up to requesting time-time to clear your head, time to get back on track, time to open new doors and do things you wouldn’t otherwise do. Because to be honest, you sitting on the couch, doing the same thing over and over expecting different results probably hasn’t gotten you very far, if anywhere at all. So what do you have to lose? And what could you gain? And when you act in such a way think about what that will do for those around you. 
5 Things I remind myself of everyday:
1. It’s not selfish to take time for yourself, when you do this you are a better mom (or dad), spouse, friend, boss, person. Ask for it, demand it if necessary. 
2. Taking time gives you more time, you don’t need to know how it exactly works but for me, arriving on my mat for an hour my mind tells me I don’t have somehow gives me three hours. And the choice to go for a walk instead of sitting on the couch, gives me the energy and motivation to make better choices for the rest of the day/night and get a few more things done and with a good attitude and fresh perspective. 
3. When I don’t do what I need to do or what I know is right then I am keeping those around me from stepping up to their potential, and all parties involved don’t grow. I’m not saying life revolves around you, but we are all so interwoven that what we do or don’t do really does effect those around us. 
4. I have to try, it’s easy to get into ruts and even unhealthy, negative behavior routines and when I consciously try a bit more on all levels and all instances, I get way more than I would have otherwise. When I try to see from another perspective, be a better listener with no motive to sway the conversation towards me, when I do that extra little something, when I work just a little harder, it pays off big time. 
5. Listen to others and then decide for yourself. There is a difference between not caring what others think and not listening to others. When you don’t listen you might miss out on something you need to know, something you cannot see yourself, a vital piece of the puzzle. And when you listen, once the heat of the moment is gone, you might just see that there is value in their perspective. When you don’t care what others think you have developed an inner voice, an inner truth that is strong and secure, you know who you are and are confident with that. Not caring isn’t a bad thing, just don’t do it with a bad attitude. Listen, simile and then go do the thing you do best-being you!
I wish you all well on your journey and I hope to see you all on the mat, if it’s been a while since you and your mat have crossed paths then I welcome you back. 
Love always, 

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