Finally, spring is within reach for us all! I have waited so long for that day when I can finally walk my dog Shiva outside without a parka on. I think since November I only took her for a walk one time this entire winter and for me that is crazy. Yesterday I had an opportunity to walk her, just her and I and I’m pretty sure her tail never stopped wagging the entire time we walked! SPRING! Then, today I got home and my chickens were so elated over the thaw that four of them hopped the fence and were out street walking and strutting their stuff like a women that just got a new do!

SPRING! A time of re-birthing and renewal; a time for all of us to be so so so grateful for everything we have and how far we have come. For some a time to realize how they have allowed themselves to fall to the wayside a bit on their eating, exercise, self-care, social contact-whatever, you fill in the blank. Part of that re-birthing process is that we recognize the need and start the process to change it.So I want you to consider what needs to be done in your life for you to rebirth, come out from hibernation and to start to spread your wings (much like my chickens).Like a bear out of hibernation spring brings a lot of newness, cubs to be born, food to be found, sunshine to be played in and a new plan for the summer to be made. Many roam the open land in search for food and a possible new location to call home for the warm summer days.

For some of us spring may mean re-establishing habits that have fallen to the wayside, a taking advantage of new opportunities that would otherwise not be possible when we are in the dead of winter. But quite possibly a time to create a new plan to bloom with the newly rising flowers, weather and attitudes around us!

Today take some time to ask yourself what is important to you, what makes you feel good, what helps create the best version of yourself for both you and others to enjoy. For me it’s yoga and walking outside! I have committed to 40 days of yoga this Lent and now that it is not -60 below I will be out an about walking with dogs and kids in tow! When I come to my mat I recreate myself, I connect with a very deep part of my soul that can easily get lost in the hustle of daily living. When I am not centered in my being I can easily get anxious, overwhelmed and I pretty much feel gross in my physical body. Physical movement is an external experience for the soul to engage in, an opportunity to act out kindly and respectfully that which you feel inside.

When I am feeling anxious, upset or frustrated, I have learned to take it to the mat or the my walking shoes. When I take it there I have learned not to take it out in an attitude to punishment, or revenge, but rather an attitude of understanding, a cultivation of newness for me to enjoy when I step off my mat or come back from my walk. A smart person takes the time to find those things and makes it a point to find time to get there (sometimes at the cost of other things: going out to dinner, a movie, T.V. time, and for me sometimes that means arriving late to a party), and that effort goes a long way!


5 Things to do this spring to have a healthy and happy re-birthing:

  1. Take sometime to decide what brings you joy, what action do you need to take to help you re-establish your centeredness. Yoga, walking, painting, hiking, swimming, meditation. Whatever it is decide on one or two things max right now, not to overwhelm you, in time that time you carve out will benefit you and everyone around you. And as a parent do not allow the social pressures for your children to be in a million things also take priority, when out there is no experience for them, plus at an early age you are by example teaching them what it is to act like a balanced adult (which in my mind trumps any activity you can enroll your child in).
  2. Now open your calendar and write it in. YEP, for many of us shooting from the hip just doesn’t scream follow through. At first the idea of scheduling in me time or re-birthing time seems weird, but until it becomes as natural and necessary as brushing your teeth or getting to work on time that is what needs to be done.
  3. Be realistic, going from hibernation to five days a week at yoga may be a bit much for some (maybe not all), so in that instance commit to at least one day and then tell the world about it, unless you have an iron clad relationship with yourself and committing to something you may need a kick in the pants to follow through. My 40 days of yoga being video taped for you all has made sure that I follow through, it has crossed my mind to not do it and it’s only day 7, but knowing that some of you are waiting for that email and that is enough for me to put aside my tiredness or laziness and get to my mat (which I might add has always ended up me feeling great afterwards).
  4. Write out what you are missing out on when you don’t follow through. We often don’t fully realize what we are otherwise missing out on when we don’t follow through unless we see it on paper, and write it ourselves. For me, when I don’t get to my mat or go for a walk (or both) I feel grumpy, agitated, physically uncomfortable, I don’t sleep as well as I would otherwise, I don’t think as clearly, I find I have writers block, I am crabby to my kids, impatient, feeling overwhelmed, thinking bad about myself, I can start to blame others for my actions or lack there of, I could go on for days. And if you skip this step I urge you to stop and ask why? Too busy? Really? Think its silly? Really? Ignorance is bliss and awareness is the key to any change!
  5. Finally, do it. The sooner you act on it after taking these steps the better, or this concept and action will feel like another fish swimming upstream. If you need someone to be accountable to let me know and we can work together or I can put you in touch with someone who can help!

Good luck and remember it’s time to get out of hibernation and start moving again!

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