With the New Year quickly approaching, it is hard not to hear people talking about change and New Year’s resolutions. Typically, people try to use the New Year as an opportunity to break old habits and take on something new.  Whether this is how you feel or not, this year, instead of taking on something new, simply let go of your old ways and simplify your life.

Let go and you will discover a new you.

1. Clear your closet. We hold on to our wardrobe for all sorts of reasons: lack of funds, memories, status, and sometimes a personal attachment. Seems harmless enough. But there’s emotional clutter that comes with busting closets and basement storage bins of clothes that are simply holding you back and keeping you from a better flow of energy, a new you. Let go of these clothes: a good rule of thumb is that every time you want to go shopping you have to purge a few things; when items are worn, torn and simply falling apart, retire the items to painting clothes, rags or, if in well enough condition, a thrift store.

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