Now before you say a yoga teacher training is not for you. Or before you complete your thought of “don’t we have enough yoga teachers out there already”, let me draw some clarity for you.

In 2009 I created the HOPE Yoga Teacher Training Program, it was my next step to share my knowledge and love of yoga.

Hope Yoga Teacher Training | Hope Zvara

But this program is not your average program (if I do say so myself), I wanted my program to be different, not just a knock off or borrowed information from another teacher-but my own take, insights and approach.

So four months pregnant with our son I went to work compiling everything I had, plus creating a full yoga asana (posture) manual with photos I had professionally taken for such an event, and went to work creating worksheets, handouts and a full binder of yoga fun!

Now several years later and several training’s later the HOPE School of yoga just keeps getting better!

But this program is more than just a yoga teacher training. To me, to become yoga teacher you first must understand yoga and have added it’s values to your life. Yoga is not just another fitness certification, not just another training to slap on your resume of things you’ve done. No, yoga is a fully life transformation, yoga is 8 limbs for a reason!

And because of yoga’s dynamic capacity I believe a program that asks its participants to dig deeply, grow expansively and over time apply yoga’s principles to ones’ life then will one (I believe) become an effective and knowledgeable yoga teacher (beyond just teachings poses).

Hope Yoga Teacher Training Program | Blog Post

5 Reasons You Are Ready To Take A Yoga Teacher Training:

  1. You want to learn more about yoga. Simply put, those that are thirsty for a deeper bite of yoga are the ones that often make great teachers. A large part of my yoga training is taking the yogic lifestyle and 8 limbs of yoga and helping coach my participants on how to apply them to their lives. I love programs that are stretched out over time because we all now change is hard and after the high of the training wears off the real work begins and slow and steady surely wins the race. If you find yourself asking a lot of “why” beyond the asanas then a yoga teacher training might be for you.
  2. You want to deepen your understanding of the yoga postures and improve your own physical health. You want to know more in detail the in’s and out’s of the practice and what is actually going on. Now as a yoga teacher trainer I teach about the why’s of the body and what the poses can offer us. This to me is vital in that we can then safely and effectively help our students on the mat!
  3.  You want to be a part of a community. When you take part in a yoga teacher training those that also take part along side you become your community! When I first started teaching yoga in my area there really weren’t any other yogis that thought the same way I did and so when I opened up my studio it was so that there would be a growing community of like-minded people coming together. And then when I started a training it took that community to the next level.
  4. You are ready to dig deeper into the why’s of life and get to know yourself more fully. One of the first things I do with a yoga trainee applicant is I talk with them and ask them right away if they are ready and willing to grow deeply. If they are ready to do a great deal of self-reflection work, because when we fully apply yoga to our lives I believe it’s then that we will become a good yoga teacher. Because anyone can teach poses, but to teach beyond that we must first have applied it to our own lives and situations.
  5. You want to share yoga with others. It’s the next step. Taking part in a yoga teacher training. Many that said they didn’t want to teach yoga, but wanted to take the program for their own being (which is great and I love and welcome those people) but what often happens is you develop such a greater understanding of the practice, yourself and you see first hand what yoga did for you and your yoga friends that you can’t help but share it with others. When it comes to sharing yoga-the sky’s the limit! Are you ready to go there?

So you want to dive into yoga—where do you go?

I want to welcome you to join me in a 9 weekend intensive for yogis who are ready to dig deep within themselves, who are thirsty for the next step in life, who yes, might even want to teach yoga.

If you are one of those people I invite you to join me in what will be my last 200 hour Yoga Alliance Approved Yoga Teacher Training here in Hartford, WI

I only take a small number of people, so apply now!

2016-2017 Yoga Teacher Training Catalog

HOPE Yoga Teacher Training


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