3 things you need to do right now

If you are reading this you are probably wondering what you NEED to be doing right now. What can’t possibly wait another hour or day?

And reality is, it could surely wait an hour or a day, even a week or year, but what if what you start to do now could and will impact what you attract in one hour, one day, one week, one year from now?

In my life my biggest opponent is myself, the person that keeps me back the most is me. And in realizing that I have started to punch fear in the face and have set my trail a blaze!

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So hear they are the three things you NEED to be doing RIGHT NOW to punch fear in the face and get what you want and get where you are going.

  1. Start asking for what you need and want. I would sit around and wait for life to magically drop what I desired in my lap, and shocked when it never happened. I realized that I needed to get over my fear of asking for what I need, and when I started to do that, boy oh boy did that change everything. I was not brought up to understand this concept, and so now that I have kids I am constantly asking them to “tell me what they want”, I verbally request from them to “use their voice” and speak up. And if you are reading this I am assuming you are not five and seven years old, but at a place where you too may need to be asked to tell Mr. Moo what you want and use your voice. Sure people won’t always like it, but that is their issue not yours. You not speaking up could quite possibly be what is keeping them from not seeking their potential and ultimately speaking up in their life too. If necessary start small like when you are asked what you want for lunch, by gosh tell the person, if they really didn’t want your input, it’s their problem they asked you then.
  2. Realize that if your heart is not in it then neither are you. There are definitely moments in life that we have to do crappy stuff, things we don’t want to do, BUT those things should not be consuming your entire life. If around 70% of the time (or more) you are not waking up happy or at least content with what might be waiting, then maybe you need to wake up on the other side of the bed, or a new bed all together. Because the only person keeping you where you are -is you. My life is in transition right now and in knowing this I work to pay careful attention to where my heart is and what my gut is telling me, not listening to these deep set signals can sometimes cost you time, money and energy you could have been using getting where you want to go.
  3. Finally, keep your eyes in your own lane! Seeing what the competition or what others are doing around you can be healthy encouragement and sometimes a guideline for you; however, when you spend more time watching them and less time doing you, then you have yourself a time management issue and quite possibly an envy issue. What golfer ever got a hole in one by swinging and watching the other guy at the same time? If you want to go pro, then by golly go pro, but in doing that if all you do is watch the pro next to you then you may want to revisit #1 and #2 above. By keeping my eyes in my one lane I will often produce the best content, use my time to the last second and come up with some crazy great ideas. But when I am consumed with Jack, Jane and Bill and their lives, I am left with very little to spend on my own stuff.

No matter where you are you can use the moments in today to the best of your ability. No one ever got where they are now by lurking in the background, keeping quiet, half heartily while watching the pro but never actually trying out. Today right after you read this ask yourself how can I speak up right now, how can I trust my gut right now, how can I keep my eyes in my lane? These aren’t fancy fixes to your life, but no brainers in simply living a better one!

So what what’s your next step? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

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