20 Quick Fitness Hacks for Better Health: Part 1

When you google the word exercise it’s like an explosion of information, suggestions and well, stuff comes blasting out at you after the search. Scanning all this varied information it can be difficult to navigate what to take in and what to leave to the birds.

I have always had a very specific view on exercise and I love me some movement, but my choice “exercise” if you want to call it that is not my only movement for the day. I like to look at the total quantity moved for the day rather than recognize that in the course of 24 hours, 16 of which I was awake that I moved for 30 minutes that day, or 1 hour that day. When you look at it in this context, its crazy to say that 30 minutes is enough.

So to help you better help yourself here are some of my top daily grind moves to keep me going and up and moving!

  1. Kitchen Sink Stretch: Grab a hold of the kitchen sink edge and lean back and squat! As you squat back work to breathe into and relax your body feeling a great stretch in the under arm and back. Hold this amazing stretch for 5 breaths.  Hope Zvara 20 Fitness Hacks-#1 Kitchen Sink Stretch
  2. Door Knob Squats: All these poor lonely door knobs with no one holding on- until now. Open your door part way and grab hold of each of the knobs, step back so your arms are in extension and with pelvic neutral squat that booty back. Work to keep healthy alignment and give those glutes a go around. A quick 10 when you pass the door is a sure fire score! Hope Zvara 20 Fitness Hacks-#2 Door Knob Squats
  3. Stairway Push-Up: I wasn’t always good at push-ups, but several years ago I decided that I needed to up my game and incorporate them randomly into my day for more help. It worked! Using your stairway is a great way to ease into that struggle some experience when returning back to plank. Start at 3 and work up to 5 and then over time-10.Hope Zvara 20 Fitness Hacks-#3 Stairway Push Ups
  4. Laundry Basket Loader: Laundry time is a great time to work on your core, and carrying the laundry basket is a great way to tone up your center. When you carry the basket try to keep your elbows down and don’t lean back. Use your glutes as your base and try not to lean back. Core work on your backs got nothing on your laundry basket. (PS Mom’s this goes for carrying your baby too)Hope Zvara 20 Fitness Hacks-#4 Laundry Basket Loader
  5. Coffee Table Triceps Push-Up: Jiggle arms are a constant concern for many women, but a few dips in the gym won’t combat 30 years of this issue. Facing away from the coffee table walk your feet out until you are in a reverse plank (option: reverse table). Hugging your elbows together, focus on the movement being at your elbow joint rather than at your hips. Focus on going small and then slowly increase. Work up to 10! Hope Zvara 20 Fitness Hacks- #5 Coffee Table Tricpes Push Ups
    No more excuses to the best shape ever! No gym membership-no problem. All the little stuff over time adds up to the big stuff with a lot less headache, worry and money!

Stay tune for Part 2 of 20 Quick Fitness Hacks for Better Health!

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