20 Quick Fitness Hacks for Better Health: Part 4

16. Mini Ball Minute: Designated corework or any workout for that matter does not have to be long winded or complex. My mini ball is my most favorite workout out item and it goes everywhere with me. Working with a mini ball give you 10x the muscle response as ground corework does. And unless you are a mechanic on his (or her) back all day, get up off that flat floor! (Want more mini ball? CLICK HERE) Hold a 45 degree angle for one minute-keeping good posture, you should start to feel the earth quake (welcome to your deep core). Hope Zvara-Fitness Hacks-Mini-Ball-Minute

17. Peek-a-Boo Pop Up: Playing with your kids can be fun and a workout too. I am always conscious of how much I do or don’t move, and my little ones loves a rising round of peek-a-boo so why not make it extra fun. Ten rounds = ten squats, jumps and laughs! Hope Zvara-Fitness Hacks-Peek-a-boo

18. Dance Party: My kids love when it’s dance party time. When we are at home we turn on the tunes on the T.V. and it’s usually Latin dancing music and we groove out. We take turns being in the “spot light” and by the time we are done we have done some major bonding, letting go and moving. (PS we also do elevator dancing, I do the beat box and we go nuts until the next floor hops on!) Hope Zvara-Fitness Hacks-Dance Party

19. Early Arrival Power Walk: How often do you arrive somewhere early to then find yourself standing around or sitting in your car scrolling Facebook. Those moments are a perfect opportunity to get out and move your legs. When I’m early to my kids school they have a perfect square of sidewalk surrounding their school that I can easily power around for a quick mini walk. And the days I do that I never regret it later! Hope Zvara-Fitness Hacks-Early Arrival Power Walk

20. 5 Minute Yoga Break: It can be so hard to break away from the computer, but trust me, when you do you will always come back refreshed. Set your phone timer, and then put it face-down not to see any texts pop up. Pull up a five minute yoga practice from my YouTube page, or just move on your mat in a way that feels good. Chances are you will go beyond five minutes, you just needed a little motivation to get started. Hope Zvara-Fitness Hacks-Five Minute Yoga Practice

Great work! Now you have 20 ideas to bust through those excuses that you have not time to work out or get moving again! Remember, never let your reasons become your excuses as to why not.


Stay tune for Part 3 of  the 20 Quick Fitness Hacks for Better Health!

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