We are back with more hacks to better health! Time is of the essence when it comes to making time for exercise, working, raising a family, cleaning your house and all the other million things we have going on. But the moment I got smart about movement and stopped putting my fitness in a box of I have to be practicing for X time, and I have to be at X location in order to get a good workout, I noticed I was happier, stronger and over all my fitness level improved even more!

It’s not the time you take out of your day for fitness, it’s the total sum of movement you participate in that really counts!

So lets get moving!

20 Quick Fitness Hacks for Better Health: Part 3

11. Stand Up and Type: Sitting is the pits, and when you get up and move a bit, those typed words per minute don’t seem so bad after all. But just standing won’t cut it-try to move around every 15 minutes to keep good blood circulation and happy body parts! Happy typing! Hope Zvara 20 Fitness Hacks #11 Stand Up and Type

12. T.V. Straddle Stretch: O.K. so we all enjoy some R&R at times, and don’t feel guilty if you want to do it watching your favorite show! Get off the couch and get a few good floor stretches in while you watch and relax. Feeling stiff? Use those couch pillows to prop up your torso so you can relax into the stretch for a bit! Enjoy! Hope Zvara 20 Fitness Hacks-#12 TV Straddle Strech

13. Kitchen Cabinet Calf Lifts: I don’t always have time for a yoga practice, but I do have a few minutes, even a few seconds-here and there! Looking for your favorite snack on that high shelf? No problem! Work our those sore tired feet and get them moving PLUS pump those calves of yours with an easy lift and lower. I know your body will thank you!

Kitchen Cabinet Calf Raise Hack

14. 10 Minute Power Cleaning: It seems that I clean my house and then all of a sudden its like a tornado blew in. It’s amazing when we set the timer at home for a quick power clean up how much we all can accomplish! And the bonus is we are all racing each other so what a workout: squatting, reaching, bending, running, jumping-it’s all fair game when the 10 minute clean up is on! Hope zvara 20 Fitness Hacks #14 10 Minute Power Cleaning

15. Parking Lot Power Walk: O.K. so we all do it, we are in a hurry and search the lot for the closest spot to park to get in and out ASAP! But lets get real, if you park just a little further away and get those extra steps in, how much time will that really set you back? Plus you are less likely to get dings in your fancy car when you park further away, because, well, people rushing like you aren’t going to park near you. BONUS! Hope Zvara 20 Fitness Hacks #

Until next time—Keep moving!

Stay tune for Part 4 of the 20 Quick Fitness Hacks for Better Health!

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