10 Things you NEED to know about your Core (and probably don’t).

For the last ten plus years the word “core” in the various fitness communities has surely gained a reputation of a “buzz” word and been gaining momentum and popularity. This buzz word is one that could very likely stop an eager fitness buff or avid yogi dead in their tracks in the hopes of toning what they consider to be the holy grail of the body.

Except there is only one problem-it’s not what you’re thinking and probably not what you have been told.

For most people the idea of working the core is still nothing more than gaining flat abs, a six pack or the V-line definition. But all this superficial definition has no merit to what is going on deep inside.

Sadly many look at the core as separate- a separate part of the workout, a separated part of their body and any of their body’s problems, heck they might not even consider it part of their bowel or breathing concerns. This misinterpreted part of the body has a misled reputation and when someone talks core with you here’s a few things you might want to know.


When someone wants to talk core talk with you make sure they know the following:

  1. Learning about our pelvic floor is step one to learning about our true core, our pelvic-core.
  2. Pelvic floor muscles + deep transversus abdominus + diaphragm are three VERY important core muscles and literally make up the inner tubing of the fabulous body you are searching for.
  3. Our pelvic floor is NOT separate from the rest of the body, and neither are its processes like: pee and poo. How you are training or not training has everything to do with this, just because commercials tell us to accept leakage is no reason to. Let’s just say wearing a pad ≠confidence.
  4. Incontinence is just another symptom to poor core stability, no matter what anyone says.
  5. Sucking in that gut will only cause you more harm than it’s worth (think navel to spine). That desired tiny waste you are going for will never happen when you stress your core, pelvic floor and diaphragm that way. Squeeze a banana in the middle, what happens to the ends- get the picture?
  6. Mismanagement of your true core could and quite possibly is the root to your foot, knee, hip and shoulder problem. Think about it, your shoulder girdle needs a sturdy base to sit on in order for it to be stable too.
  7. Even when you are doing your deemed core based exercises chances are you are under using the true core and over using other systems and muscles in the body. Traditional core based exercises ≠healthy, functional core. 
  8. It’s not just about strengthening the pelvic-core, but rather more so about creating better function as that is the key to truly living better AND pain free (and those flatter abs you want).
  9. Good core work is a combination of learning how to co-contract (utilize all the core muscles as a team with the rest of the body) and also fully relax them, this patterning will help you not only reshape your core area, but assist with better breathing patterns. Because every functional breath you take is a crunch for your true pelvic-core.
  10. Finally, at some point we all must start to recognize the messages we are being sent and told about this most central area of the body. Doing that we can then begin to undo the false truths and start to see what really is health and functional so we can begin to bring balance back to our bodies one core muscle at a time.

Is what you are doing bringing you closer to true whole-body wellness or further away?



How can I better help you, leave your comments below 😉


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