1.        Location, location, location.  Think of where you would want this space.  Somewhere tucked away, somewhere you pass daily in your home or office.  Your night stand, a living room shelf, maybe a set aside room.  For me I have 2, my kitchen sink, here I have displayed sacred, meaningful things that remind me to get centered.  And my second is my office/yoga room; here my books and yoga mat and props are waiting for me each day.  If you are going to practice in that space maybe consider facing east if you are going to practice in the morning and west if you are to practice in the evening.

2.       Create an altar, or some sort of stand or focal point.  Where can you look to as a reminder each day a mini temple of sorts.

3.       Go green, plants that is.  Having live foliage is a wonderful way to clear the air and give a feeling of new life and energy.  Choose plants that are soothing, uplifting and centering. 

4.       Daily inspiration at your fingertips.  Have available and waiting things like angel cards, devotional prayer books, meditations, possibly your rosary or mala; something that you can go to each time you step into the space.

5.       Photographs of teachers, places family and friends.  These are all good reminders to keep you grounded and remember you have a great support team. 

6.       Meaningful items.  Is there anything meaningful to you that you use for inspiration, centering, keep that in your sacred space.  A letter from a close friend, a favorite stone, a memento from a passed elder or teacher.  Something that allows you to connect.

7.       A journal.  If it allows journal daily and this is the perfect place to do this, your thoughts, intentions, desires and what it is you are hoping to release.  Here it can manifest in a safe, healthy environment.

8.       Don’t forget to clear the clutter.  Our energy can often times get misdirected when clutter is present.  Remove old useless items, garbage, and put away items that have been left out before and after you use the space to keep good energy flowing.

9.       If possible have a no cell phone policy.  If this space is going to be the place that you go to refuel and reload, if possible keep the electronics at bay, if possible place a sign on the door that says do not disturb.  Even just 5 minutes for you a day can make a world of wonder.

10.   Use the space.  Remember to create a space in a space that will be user-friendly to you and workable for your lifestyle.  For me that is why I have two spaces, one that is solely mine and one that is more of a family space.  No matter what you do, or where you decide to create this space know that it will hold everything for you that you put into it.  Namaste.

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