Hope Zvara- How to stay focused- blog post

How to Stay Focused: Tips for the Unfocused Mind

Help! I can’t seem to stay focused!… You are not alone even though I teach focus for a living I too have struggled with focus and staying more than once. When it comes to the ideas department and creation station […]

What does yoga mean

Yoga Means Different Things To Different People

The word yoga means different things to many different people. I have been teaching yoga for just under fifteen years and practicing for half my life and I am at a place were I linger even calling myself a yoga teacher […]

Family Fitness

Family Fitness: 4 Fabulous Ways to Stay Fit with the Family

From even before I had kids I knew several key points that would become the cornerstones of my parental approach. I feel very passionate about my kids seeing themselves as unique (like most parents) but in that uniqueness I wanted […]

Explore Possibility Thinking

Explore Possibility Thinking

Explore Possibility Thinking… Possibility thinking brings the possibilities to an endless limit of opportunities. Possibility thinking is when we think beyond what is the obvious (answer) in front of us. What some would say is the “safe, predictable route”. Possibility […]

Don't just sit there backyard parenting

Don’t Sit Still and Listen: Backyard Parenting to Homework

Each day I realize my kids are only getting older and soon they will have their own opinions and ideas they already have their own opinions and ideas! What was once scheduling naps and changing diapers has become a combination of […]

having the wish to grow

Having the Wish to Grow- As You Are

Having the wish to grow-as you are, is my wish for you. Welcome to another great month ahead! I have found lately many people in my circuit have all had the same request, complaints or worry. How do I move […]

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